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4,195,976 Sq. Ft.
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San Francisco

Property records for 1691 Martin Luther King Jr Dr

11/18/2013Notice of special restrictionsJ784914-00RECREATION & PARK COMMISSIONSFCC
02/28/2012Order of abatement -lienJ363399-00CITY PROPERTYSFCC-BUILDING INSPECTION
12/16/2005Mechanics lienI092898-00FINE ARTS MUSEUMS OF SFARROW SIGN CO
04/07/2005Mechanics lienH933319-00FINE ARTS MUSEUMS OF SFFOAM SALES & MARKETING
11/09/2004Release lienH848356-00HPC/ACT INCFINE ARTS MUSEUMS OF SF
11/08/2004Partial release lienH847032-00HPC/ACT INCDE YOUNG MUSEUM
10/21/2004Mechanics lienH836118-00FINE ARTS MUSEUMS OF SFHPC/ACT INC
08/08/2003Order of abatement -lienH508346-00CITY PROPERTYSFCC-BUILD INSPECTION
05/28/1997Mechanics lienG166393-00BEACH CHALET LPM A ENCINGER & ASSOCS

Permits for 1691 Martin Luther King Jr Dr

Building permit12/03/2018N/AN/Arenovation of (e) childrens play area$802,500
Building permit11/30/2018N/AN/Arenovate (e) restroom info kiosk / restroom, replace 2 pedestrian plazas, modify (e) irrigation and planting. install bocce courts, install park furniture incl pedestrian lights and install / replace pathways$650,000
Electrical permit11/08/2018N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCEScas east garden temporary ice rink exhibit - electrical30 - 120v, 20 amp gfci protected convenience outlets1 - 480 volt 600 amp 3 phase, 4 wire, with grounding conductors - to feed a 230 ton chiller unit and connected to cas existing company switch source$10,000
Electrical permit11/01/2018N/ABLOCKA CONSTRUCTION INCelectrical for new pump station for golden gate park irrigation and city drinking water$400,000
Building permit10/22/201810/21/2019POINT ONE ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS INCdesign and install (2) facu's for sprinkler monitoring of 2 pump rooms$58,000
Building permit10/22/2018N/AN/Ainstallation of ev car charging concrete pad and electrical work$36,191
Plumbing permit10/19/2018N/ACITY MECHANICAL INCwork category: 8p; remove and replace one (1) domestic water heater.N/A
Building permit09/11/2018N/ASWINERTON BUILDERSto assemble/construct bike shelter against existing concrete wall.$15,000
Building permit07/06/2018N/AN/Aemergency demolition to clubhouse at golden gate course. order #109617-e$5,000
Building permit06/12/2018N/AWICKMAN DEVELOPMENT AND CONSTRUCTIONreplace (e) outdoor self contained generator in kind maher na$40,000
Building permit06/06/2018N/AN/Arepaint exterior of beach chalet building, match existing colors. replace 20 operable windows at 2nd floor. repair exterior stucco cracks prior to repainting.$178,000
Building permit05/23/201805/17/2019SABAH INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATEDf/a cal academy of science: modify existing fire alarm system. add (1) new power supply, (2) new wall strobes, (3) new wall speaker/strobe, (1) new ceiling weatherproof speaker/strobe. maher na$11,262
Building permit05/14/2018N/AN/Aerect an one story type 5 construction recteation and office$17,013,752
Building permit05/04/201804/28/2019ECO FIRE SPRINKLERS INCrelocation of fire sprinklers$7,000
Plumbing permit05/04/2018N/AECO FIRE SPRINKLERS INCacademy of science: relocation of fire sprinkler per new ceiling and walls layout.N/A
Electrical permit04/19/2018N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESthis is a museum exhibit hall that will require power/data for audio/visual equipment, lighting - communication and signal$200,000
Electrical permit04/17/2018N/AV O L K INCinstall (1) 100 kwa generator.$0
Electrical permit04/13/2018N/ADELAO ELECTRIC INCre-install light pole from (e) power. run circuit door operator from (e) power.$1,000
Building permit03/23/201803/17/2019N/Aestablish occupancy load per fire special event for permanent use per capt. tse. prior permit. ref app#200807257660; n/a maher$1
Electrical permit03/07/2018N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #220200-001 - cas ahu-3 and ahu-4: install new distribution panels and circuit breakers for two (2) air handler units.$100,000
Plumbing permit03/06/2018N/AKEARNEY PLUMBINGwork category: 2pb; relocate back flow preventerN/A
Building permit03/05/2018N/AN/Aper sfpuc groundwater program, create address for pump station in golden gate park block 1700, lot 001 as; 1691 martin luther king dr.N/A
Plumbing permit02/26/2018N/AR C PLUMBINGwork category: 11p; replace 3/4" backflow device.N/A
Plumbing permit03/01/2018N/ASAN FRANCISCO REC AND PARKremove and replace old boiler serial #d02cl0027.N/A
Building permit02/08/2018N/AN/Aper request from sfpuc, create new address at golden gate park well station at block 1700, lot 001 as: 120 chain of lakes dr.N/A
Electrical permit01/22/2018N/ADELAO ELECTRIC INCpower & lighting, (1) 100a panel & service panel for a new bathroom at the golden gate park$0
Building permit01/09/2018N/AN/Aat golden gate park, add address to sffd pump station at block 1700, lot 001 as; 49 overlook dr.N/A
Plumbing permit12/27/2017N/AHYDRA VENTURES INC./ CAL PAC PLUMB. SYSTwork category: 2pb; one story new restrooms in golden gate park boat park (46th and lincoln way). underground to trim with a small electric water heater to supply hws.N/A
Building permit12/15/201703/13/2021N/Amechanical work only - remove (e) enthalply wheel, cooling coil & humidifer. install new coils chiller & strage tanks to provide dehumidifer **maher n/a**$851,000
Building permit12/12/201702/26/2021N/Awork on bowling greens adjacent to the sf lawn bowling club house. work includes: replace extg wood retaining wall with concrete wall. repave nearby path and repair irrigation. n/a maher$120,000
Electrical permit11/02/2017N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESrunning temporary power 480 volt 3 phase with ground that has a 500 amp trip, parallel 350 mcm per phase and one 350 mcm for ground from identified company switch to ice rink chiller unit. total length 120 feet. also two spider box connected units for utility power use.$15,000
Electrical permit11/02/2017N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESelectrical installation for two fan coil units @ 3 phase 480 volts 20 amp 4 wire. each unit will have a combination starter / disconnect. each unit requires 2 - 120 volt 20 amp control circuits.$10,000
Building permit10/19/2017N/AN/Aincrease occupant load; mount additional sprinkler heads, update egress components, sprinklers and electrical under seperate permit. maher na$2,500
Building permit09/12/201709/06/2018N/Arelocate (2) wall mount strobes. n/a ordinance #155-13$7,349
Building permit09/08/201709/02/2018N/Aopera in the park concert, stage sam575, stage floor on trailer with roof and canopy (mable stage platform) with dimension 50'x40', stage all structures shall be feree standing, stage floor shall be accessible with accessible chair life and ada portable toilets. one day event only.$6,000
Building permit09/06/2017N/AN/A1 a-demolish (e) chain link fence & gates approx 550 lf,1- b, demolish (e) wood retaining wall ; approx 210 lf 2-a contruct (n) segmental modular unit retaining wall replacement 2-b construct (n) steel pipe 4 rail, ranch fencing to replace (e)$7,000
Electrical permit08/29/2017N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #220193-014 - california academy of sciences ice rink$86,000
Electrical permit07/26/2017N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #220193 - miscellaneous electrical work for the california academy of sciences for 2017$2,000
Building permit06/13/201706/07/2018AAA RESTAURANT FIRE CONTROL/DBA AAA FIRErework and repair 1 pyro chem fire suppression system in the basement kitchen area. n/a maher$3,500
Building permit06/12/2017N/AN/Astreet spaceN/A
Electrical permit06/12/2017N/AJALILIE ELECTRIC INC /RIDGEWAY ELECTRICansul test$0
Building permit05/23/201705/07/2020ARG CONSERVATION SERVICESseismic upgrade to existing monument and maintenance to existing masonry and bronze statue$328,156
Electrical permit05/05/2017N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESacademy of sciences - auditorium temporary exhibit - electrical installationprovided extension cords with male/female caps, including quad outlet boxes that extend from existing building outlets to point of connections specific to exhibit lighting and audio visual equipment. all lighting has a controlled programming on/off time.$7,500
Building permit05/03/2017N/AN/Astreet spaceN/A
Building permit04/21/201704/19/2018FISHER DESIGN + BUILDremove existing windows and screens and set aside. remove stucco. repair damaged studs and sill plate. install windows and screens, new stucco, prime and paint$100,000
Plumbing permit04/18/2017N/ARENSTROM PLMBG & HEATINGwork category: 1p; 4 new greas traps, 2 in each kitchenN/A
Building permit04/05/201704/20/2018INTEGRITY AIR SYSTEMS CORPORATIONdemo & dispose of (e) type 2 hood/duct and fan & make up air fan. provide and install: type i hood in place of type 2., grease duct from hood to fan on roof, fire wrap, new type 1 fan, (n) untempered make up air fan and new dish duct & rooftop upblast fan for (e) dish hood. n/a ordinance #155-13$34,500
Building permit03/28/201703/22/2018WESTERN WATER CONSTRUCTORS INC.install new fire alarm system for golden gate pump station per nfpa 72$20,000
Building permit03/28/201703/26/2020N/Arepair concrete abutement wall @ alvord lake tunnel in golden gate park. (wall location close to sharon art studio). n/a maher ordinance$200,000
Electrical permit03/03/2017N/AC B F INCrelocate (1) existing electrical panel - es3979 -$2,700
Electrical permit01/24/2017N/AALBERT ELECTRICinstall circuit for ada doors. install one convenience outlet.$0
Building permit01/17/201701/11/2018N/Aworking at kezar stadium, occupoant load analysis egress analysis, no construction will be conducted. (total occup. 9691)$1
Plumbing permit01/11/2017N/ACITY MECHANICAL INCwork category: 8p; remove and replace three (3) boilers. remove two (2) steam boilers, birchfield model #14076 / one (1) domestic boiler, ao smith model #hw-399-932. replace with two (2) steam boilers, peerless model #lc-09-su / one (1) domestic boiler, laars model #mt2h-400.N/A
Building permit12/21/201605/14/2020N/Amechanical equipment & emergency generator replacement -generator replacement under separate application (gen.dwg for ref). new fluid applied roof,roof drains,curbs & flashing.voluntary structural alterations. n/a maher ordinance$1,000,000
Electrical permit12/15/2016N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESgeneral electrical done throughout the facility$500
Building permit11/16/201602/27/2020N/Aone story new restroom in golden gate park$505,000
Plumbing permit08/10/2016N/AKIICHI YAMAGIWA - YAMA CONSTRUCTIONinstall new back flow.N/A
Building permit06/17/201603/19/2020N/Abarrier removal project- new pathway, stairs, door operator paving, light pole re-installation$200,000
Plumbing permit06/16/2016N/ADINELLI PLUMBING INCto obtain final for all work done on permit pp20141209385N/A
Building permit04/08/201604/02/2017N/Ato obtain final inspection for work approved under pa#201406198906. all work is complete.$1
Building permit04/06/201604/14/2017N/Abarrier removal: provide tactile signage as req. new door closers, new pedestrian path with new parking stripes, bollards, and raised curbs, new concrete parking peds & stall with signage. new power door operators & required hardware, repair damaged door at public lobby. maher na$75,000
Plumbing permit03/15/2016N/AACE PLUMBING & ROOTERwork category: 1p; backflow prevention device replacementN/A
Plumbing permit03/11/2016N/AANDREW CAROTHERS -LISKE INC.replace two existing boilers with new triangle tube condensing units, and add heat exchangers, install condensate drains.N/A
Plumbing permit03/11/2016N/AANDREW CAROTHERS -LISKE INC.install plastic intake and exhaust flues from boiler(s) to roof.N/A
Plumbing permit02/26/2016N/ASAN FRANCISCO REC AND PARKmodel #399 s/n pt0041382 (for boiler at arboretum nursery)N/A
Plumbing permit01/26/2016N/ASAN FRANCISCO REC AND PARK#0211202210 was removed. replaced with 1101317986 & 1101317987. (for boilers at 100 john f. kennedy dr - conservatory of flowers)N/A
Plumbing permit01/26/2016N/ASAN FRANCISCO REC AND PARKpeerless 5082007-201106 (for boilers at millwright house)N/A
Plumbing permit01/26/2016N/ASAN FRANCISCO REC AND PARKao smith 9321-01-65830 (dhw) (for boilers at kezar) serial # 932l 01 65830N/A
Building permit05/14/201507/06/2018N/Aerect 1-story, type 3, maintenance shed building.$200,000
Building permit05/12/201505/05/2016N/Arelocate 1 existing wall mounted speaker/strobe, add 1 new wall mount strobe. t.i. pa#201501216204, n/a ordinance #155-13$4,500
Electrical permit05/07/2015N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCEStemporary construction spider box power set up (for 2) - upon special event requests located in our west garden exterior area$1,000
Electrical permit03/27/2015N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESthis permit is specific to a new exhibit build out - color of lifeconsists of conduit system installation, 120 v 20 amp branch circuits for mechnical and lighting equipment communication control cables, relocation of exiting life safety speak strobe device$100,000
Electrical permit03/27/2015N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESthis is a demo permit, for the removal multiple 20 amp branch circuits and communication control cablesthis pertains to cas l1 east exhibit hall$2,500
Building permit03/19/2015N/AN/Asprinkler alarm monitoring system$5,200
Building permit03/03/201503/02/2016N/Aprovide a modification of the (e) fire alarm system for the california academy of science. remove(1) e wall mounted strobe, relocate (2) e wall mounted speaker/strobes, add (1) new wall mount speaker/strobe. all work to be done in basement 1. maher - not req'd$6,375
Building permit03/02/201502/13/2018N/Aremove existing slate roofing. furnish and install new 30# felt underlayment and new slate roofing to match in kind of existing slate roofing. furnish and install new copper flashings.$317,888
Plumbing permit02/25/2015N/ACISCO FIRE SPRINKLERS, INC.basement: relocate 4 sprinklers in basement area of work for tenant improvement: fire permit 201502259266, building permit 201501145698.N/A
Plumbing permit02/25/2015N/ACISCO FIRE SPRINKLERS, INC.1st flr: add 4, relocate 2 sprinklers in first floor area of work for tenant improvement; building permit 201501216204, fire permit 201502259264.N/A
Building permit02/25/201502/19/2016N/Afire sprinkler work first floor-add 4 and relocate 2 sprinklers in area of work for tenant improvements. t.i. pa#201501216204. n/a ordinance #155-13$2,000
Building permit02/25/201502/19/2016N/Asprinkler ti b1- relocate 4 sprinlers in area of work for tenant improvements; basement. t.i. pa#201501145698. n/a ordinance #155-13$2,000
Electrical permit02/23/2015N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #220168 - cas moss room - t.i. - power & ltg$0
Electrical permit02/23/2015N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #220167 - cas cafe renovation - t.i. power & ltg$0
Plumbing permit02/23/2015N/ABAY CITY BOILER & ENGINEERING CO. category: 8p; installation of one boiler and storage tank removing unit serial number 55999N/A
Plumbing permit02/17/2015N/AA GOOD PLUMBER INCwork category: 2pa; we will plumb to three floor sinks, two floor drains, three hand sinks (each with direct waste and four sinks with indirect waste. both hot and cold watersN/A
Plumbing permit02/17/2015N/AA GOOD PLUMBER INCwork category: 2pa; we will run one sink (with indirect waste) with both hot and cold waters to existing floor sink. capping existing waste and watersN/A
Electrical permit02/12/2015N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESthis is a temporary exhibit installation for the whales exhibit. this will require multiple outlet and cord cap power cords rated @120 volt, 20 amp$7,500
Building permit01/21/201502/01/2018N/Aremodel (e) level l-1 food preparation & serving areas inlcuding mechanical & electrical modification. new non-structural partitions, lighting, ceiling & finishes. fire life safety work shall be provided as design build services. demo work under pa#201412294567 n/a ordinance #155-13$336,000
Electrical permit01/20/2015N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESthis is a temporary power set up for a cafe. it will consist of 3 construction power box feeds rated at 120/208 volts, 50 amps. extension cords will be extended from the gfci power outlets located at the construction boxes to the identified appiance loads as identified.$10,000
Building permit01/15/201501/09/2016N/Areroofing$95,000
Building permit01/14/201501/09/2018N/Alevel b1: remodel of (e) kitchen and dining room, non structural demolition. new non-structural partitions, lighting, ceiling and finishes; maher n/a$165,000
Electrical permit01/06/2015N/APHOENIX ELECTRIC CO.provide and install 800 a switchboard, 2ea 225 amp panels and 1ea 75kva transformer. 1 of the 225 amp panels and the transformer are located in the distribution section of the 800 amp switchboard and factory wired. the remaining 225 amp panel is in the bathroom area. provide and install sports lighting and site lighting.$0
Building permit12/29/2014N/AN/Ascope is limited to demolition only, remove (e) food service equipment & related electrical and plumbing. partial demolition of suspended ceiling & flooring, accessibility will be provided as part of construction drawing sht see sfbc ab-017; space to remain vacant; maher n/a$20,000
Plumbing permit12/09/2014N/ADINELLI PLUMBING INCrough install plumbing fixturesN/A
Electrical permit08/27/2014N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESinstall new 60amp/three-phase/208vac kitchen dishwasher to existing junction box and circuit.$500
Electrical permit08/25/2014N/ASERVICE WEST INC13 stations for modular partitions only$650
Plumbing permit08/13/2014N/AMILESTONE CONTRS. INC/. DBA N V HEATHORNinstallation of boiler for radiant flooring including flue and vent.N/A
Electrical permit08/11/2014N/ADI LUZIO INC.add (2) dedicated outlets$1,000
Building permit08/08/201408/02/2015N/Ainstall ul300 fire system: ref 2014-0408-2736. ground level = fire alarm connection separate permit.$2,500
Building permit07/29/201407/25/2015N/Aresubmittal of revised drawings for 201404082736 fire alarm. maher not required. n/a maher ordinance$1
Building permit06/19/201406/18/2015N/Amodification fire alarm system. remove 2 smoke detectors with duct mount plates for associated fsd. relocate 1 smoke detector with ductmount plates. add 2 smoke detectors with duct mounting plates for associated fsd. new fsd's to be connected to (e) power circuit. ref 201212266849 maher n/a$6,270
Electrical permit06/16/2014N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESpenguin holding cci phase 3dsabah project 11051dadd two duct detectorsadd two 120vac fire damper connectionsrelocate (3) existing fsd from holding room interior to accessible corridor and mechanical roomcoordinate witness test with sabah/ccsf electrical inspection and ccsf fd.$2,500
Electrical permit06/16/2014N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESproviding a dedicated 120 volt, 20 amp circuit for a data transmission component$1,500
Building permit06/02/201406/27/2017N/Aslab-on-grade with wall footings at 3 sides of building, trench drain on rear side of building, pre-fabricated building on this slab on grade, 36x24. -maher- compliance with ordinance no. 155-13.not required.$70,000
Building permit05/30/201405/24/2015RED HAWK FIRE & SECURITY CA LLCas built drawings. removed 1 smoke detector from original drawings. changed address of 3 existing smoke detectors ref 201405095318. n/a for maher ordinance no.155-13$1
Building permit05/19/201407/25/2015ACCO ENGINEERED SYSTEMS INC.1st floor- install n2 purge exhaust line. n/a maher ordinance 155-13$7,000
Electrical permit05/13/2014N/ASERVICE WEST INC10 stations for modular partitions only$500
Building permit05/09/201405/03/2015N/Arelocate 7 existing smoke detectors from a beam pocket ceiling to a drop ceiling, relocate 2 existing speaker strobes from a beam pocket ceiling to a drop ceiling, replace 7 existing smoke detector heads with new detectors. 201402128365. n/a ordinance #155-13$6,000
Plumbing permit04/17/2014N/AAYOOB & PEERY PLUMBING14-616 fire sprinklers relocates - approx 7.N/A
Plumbing permit04/10/2014N/AMILESTONE CONTRS. INC/. DBA N V HEATHORNwork category: 2pb; installing 7 zone radiant pex tubing in slab, boiler, hhw piping, 2 pumps, expansion tank.N/A
Building permit04/08/201404/02/2015N/Aprovide modification of existing fire alarm system. add new 4 duct detectors and 4 control relays to shut down new ac uits servicing west garden cafe. 1 new smoke det, 1 heat detector,1 monitor module for ansul kitchen hood supression systm. 2 new input signal modules for speaker interface in elec$13,556
Electrical permit04/07/2014N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESdescription installation of conduit and conductors for 2 speaker strobe 5 duct detectors 1 heat detector 1 photo electric smoke detector 4 control relay interface with mechanical systems 1 ansul monitoring status$2,500
Electrical permit03/24/2014N/ASPRIG ELECTRICremodel existing space - relocate 3 light fixtures add 3 light fixtures from museum's stock.provide power to 2 furniture feeds.provide and install (7) lights with track heads.$25,000
Plumbing permit03/20/2014N/AAYOOB MECHANICAL INCplumbing for a warming kitchenN/A
Electrical permit03/10/2014N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESaq b1c holding areas will be out at 5:00 am on march 17, 2014. this is for a fire alarm witness test see permit # ew20121207801$8,000
Building permit02/26/201402/20/2015AYOOB & PEERY PLUMBINGlower level:relocate fire sprinkler heads per t.i. (7 relocate lower level) ref app#201402128365. n/a for the maher ordinance #155-13$3,598
Building permit02/12/201402/03/2017SWINERTON BUILDERSg/f -remodel of an interior office space, work includes addition of approx. 2,000 sq.ft. office, new painting, flooring and millwork. compliance with ordinance #155-13 not required.mep under seperate permit.$180,000
Electrical permit02/11/2014N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESwest garden cafe project - electricalnew 480v distribution panelnew 112.5 kva transformernew 208/120 distribution panelnew shunt trip service disconnect operatornew lighting/dimming fixture control panelnew appliance, exhaust hood, heat pump and fan circuitsnew vfd and motor controls connected to building management systemnew security cam, motion detector and door monitorno fire alarm connections to existing building fire alarm$25,000
Electrical permit01/30/2014N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESthis is a demolition permit for an existing structure specific to power, lighting and communication. see dbi permit # 2013-0823-5125 s$1,000
Plumbing permit01/27/2014N/AD & S LEONG ASSOCIATESinstall mop sink as per health dept request; job is at golden gate golf course on 970 47th av.N/A
Building permit01/27/201401/21/2015PLANT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LPsoft demo, guardrail, weathering yard, partitions & rails, windows slats for future tenant. compliance with ordinance #155-13 not required. excavation <50 cu.yd.$6,000
Plumbing permit01/23/2014N/AA & B CONSTRUCTION8in vcp sewer clean out, 6in vcp connection to (e) 12in sd & city tandar sediment trap, 4in trench drain, sediment trap, 6in vcp connection to (e) 12in sd.N/A
Building permit12/17/201301/06/2017N/Acompliance with ordinance no.155-13 required. route to dph. renovation of stand along public restroom bldg. renovation of (e) athletic fields including lighting, fencing, paving, landscape, irrigation & site furniture.$2,200,000
Building permit12/13/201312/29/2016CCI COM'L CONSTR & IMPROV**SEE 985808***renovation of basement bi level storage room - installation of walls + glass walls for animal display.$50,000
Plumbing permit11/25/2013N/AA GOOD PLUMBER INCwork category: 2pb; installation of two new sinks in room b1d16 and another designated as a janitor sinkN/A
Electrical permit11/08/2013N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCEScas aquarium front of house - life safety support mechanicals systems - power circuits for pumps, motors, lighting, which includes controls and monitoring. this aspect of work will entail demo of existing electrical circuits. installation of new and reconfiguration of electrical power circuits$5,000
Building permit11/05/201310/30/2014INTERNATIONAL FIRE EQUIPinstall ul 300 fire system$3,500
Electrical permit11/05/2013N/AN/Ainstall (5) level 2 electric vehicle chargers and associated conduit and circuitry in parking lot , south end; feeder 2-3/0; 200 amp panel.$15,000
Electrical permit10/07/2013N/ASERVICE WEST INC29 stations for modular partitions only$1,450
Building permit09/06/2013N/AN/Aadd 1801 john f kennedy dr & 1901 john f kennedy dr to block 1700 lot 001.N/A
Building permit08/23/201302/04/2017PLANT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LPerect 1 story, no basement, type 5, garden cafe building.$200,000
Electrical permit07/24/2013N/ASERVICE WEST INC25 stations for modular partitions only$1,250
Electrical permit07/23/2013N/AEMCOR SERVICES/MESA ENERGY SYSTEMS INCbasement, first floor: kitchen, mech rooms: 6 vfd's - 2-5hp, 2-7.5hp, 2-20hp 460v total.$50,000
Plumbing permit07/22/2013N/ACRITCHFIELD MECHANICALinstalling of piping sysme for new holding tank cas aq holding project.N/A
Electrical permit07/16/2013N/ASERVICE WEST INC8 stations for modular partitions only$400
Plumbing permit07/10/2013N/AAYOOB & PEERY PLUMBINGfire sprinkler tenant improvement. add 2 sprinkler heads at ground level ref ba201306200050N/A
Electrical permit06/28/2013N/ASPRIG ELECTRICrelocate existing furniture feeds and (3) new circuits to the room. install (1) floor box and (3) new receptacles.relocate one light.$6,000
Building permit06/24/201306/18/2014N/Atenant improvement: add 2 sprinkler heads at ground level ref permit 201306200050$1,028
Building permit06/20/201306/15/2014N/Aremodel of an interior office space. the work includes the addition of a 10'x13' office, new painting, flooring and millwork.$45,000
Building permit06/07/201306/04/2014N/Aas built, please ref to approved plans pa# 201303283300$4,200
Building permit05/31/201305/25/2014N/Arelocate 18 extg pendent fire spirnkler heads for new walls added. add 9 new pendent fire sprinkler heads for new walls added.$15,000
Plumbing permit05/31/2013N/ACISCO FIRE SPRINKLERS, INC.relocate 18 existing pendant sprinklers and add 9 new pendant sprinkler heads for fire. for new walls addedN/A
Building permit05/24/201305/22/2014N/Aremodel of display area at existing lower floor including 7'-0" high wood panel sliding security partition. millwork by others.$10,000
Electrical permit05/14/2013N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCEScas - new retail store includes electrical branch power and lighting circuits. new data for pos and communication systems. relocation of an existing horn/strobe and exit sign$2,500
Electrical permit05/14/2013N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCEScas electrical work involves2 208v circuits to fcu a&b, terminations-commission by accoconduit conductors per sabah engineering to fas, connection/test by sabahconduit conductors per cas bms connection test by cas building systems.$1,500
Electrical permit04/24/2013N/ASERVICE WEST INC33 stations for modular partitions only$1,650
Electrical permit04/05/2013N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESadd (2) outlets for power acs-008add (2) outlets for data acs-008 - acs 001 cas level b1 aquarium holding aquarium control system #08. install new control enclosure for future controls.install 1-1/4 pvc schedule 40 and pvc risers below slab from control enclosure acs-008 to aquarium holding tanks 1-9 and penguin holding 10-11. conduits are for future holding tank monitoring and controls tbd.$1,500
Electrical permit04/02/2013N/AN/Areplace 500a service disconnect at south windmill$1,000
Building permit03/28/201303/22/2014N/Ainstall fire alarm monitoring system including: (1) fire pnael, (1) annunciator keypad, (1) pull station, (1) conventional smoke detector, (2) horn strobes, (1) strobe, no exterior work done.$4,200
Electrical permit02/12/2013N/ASERVICE WEST INC59 stations for modular partitions only$2,950
Building permit02/04/201311/28/2017N/Ato erect 1 story nursery w/ green house and a3 assembly area in golden gate park.$5,500,000
Building permit01/29/201301/23/2014N/Ainstall ul300 fire system$1,500
Electrical permit01/24/2013N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESwe will be relocating existing electrical j-boxes and outlet boxes, in addition to adding new branch circuits and outlet boxes$2,500
Electrical permit01/24/2013N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESrelocating existing j-boxes and outlet boxes, installing new branch circuits and outlet boxes - for cas level b1 aq - holding phase 3d 589sf$2,500
Electrical permit01/24/2013N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESthis is a fire alarm safety installation of devices that is specific to alteration of an existing room. annunciator devices will either be installed in new locations and or a rerouting of existing devices.$500
Building permit01/14/201301/09/2014N/Aminor demolition of extg walls$5,000
Building permit01/14/201302/01/2014N/Abasement:9 new devices. provide a modification of the extg fire alarm system for the california academy of science at 55 music concourse drive golden gate park california. the addition shall consist of providing the following. add 4 new smoke det. with duct mounting plates,add 4 new strobes,$17,500
Building permit01/14/201301/23/2014N/Areplace extg smk det on 1st floor. add inter posing relay to extg relay #02190190$4,747
Building permit12/26/201202/16/2016N/At.i renovation of basement b1 level support areas. converting office spaces to storage. removal and construction of drywall partitions. mech, plumbing & electrical in existing concrete wall.sprinklers, fire alarm under sep permits$2,000,000
Electrical permit12/07/2012N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCEScas level b1 aquarium holding phase b - relocate existing j-boxes and install new j-boxes, new circuits/devices. install security cable and devices.$2,000
Electrical permit12/07/2012N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESdemo existing lighting system. install new power panels, transformer and install new branch circuits and data cables$2,500
Electrical permit12/07/2012N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCEScas level b1aquarium holding - tenji phase 3a - install branch circuits to identified outlet devices, install 1 new 225 amp 120/208 volt, 3 phase 5 wire power panel and security cable and devices.$2,500
Electrical permit12/07/2012N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCEScas level b1 aquarium holding phase 2 - install branch circuits to identified device outlets, branch circuit feed to [email protected] volt, data cable installation and security cable / devic installation$2,500
Electrical permit11/27/2012N/AOMEGA CONSTRUCTION GROUP INCupgrade concession counter & kitchen. renovate boat repair area into dining, storage, ada restroom, new lighitn, electrical and plumbing.$0
Plumbing permit11/27/2012N/AOMEGA CONSTRUCTION GROUP INCupgrade concession counter & kitchen. renovate boat repair area into dining, storage,one new ada restroom, new lighitng, electrical and plumbing :: renovate kitchen - new piping, gas, water, waste & drains, new water heater.N/A
Electrical permit11/20/2012N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESthis is a quaterly permit that consists of new branch circuits specific to power and light.$2,500
Electrical permit09/26/2012N/ASERVICE WEST INC53 stations for modular partitions only$2,650
Plumbing permit09/18/2012N/AAYOOB & PEERY PLUMBINGwork category: 4pb; 3rd floor: fire sprinkler/ t.i. / hathaway/ level 3 west/ leroy 531-9182 (12-750)N/A
Building permit09/14/201209/08/2013AYOOB & PEERY PLUMBING3rd floor-automatic fire sprinkler-relocate 1 & add 1 sprinkler to office tenant improvement. ti pa# 2012-0904-8821.$1,000
Building permit09/14/201210/09/2015N/Aupgrade concession counter and kitchen, renovate boat repair area into dining, storage, ada restroom. new lighting, electrical, plumbing.$180,000
Electrical permit09/05/2012N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCEScopier room conversion to office. rerouting existing lighting and switching, also rerouting temperature and co2 sensors as identified.$40,000
Building permit09/04/201208/29/2013N/Aconstruct small office. new partitions, door, finishes- sprinklers under separate permit-$10,000
Electrical permit08/22/2012N/ASERVICE WEST INC5 stations for modular partitions only$250
Electrical permit06/04/2012N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #221654 - cas dehumidification project: provide power to exhaust fans and fire smoke dampers, install duct detectors.$55,000
Electrical permit06/04/2012N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #221610 - cas fire alarm smoke damper room b2a56: provide power to new fire smoke dampers and install smoke detector.$8,100
Building permit05/11/201205/08/2013N/Acurrently a service window 6'x6' behind a security gate that does not open will be replaced by a metal sliding gate that does open$2,000
Building permit05/09/201205/03/2013N/A2nd floor:provide a modification of the extg system. add 8 new smart device duct smoke detectors. add 8 new high humidity enclosures for deck smk.det.$12,580
Electrical permit05/02/2012N/ASERVICE WEST INC34 stations for modular partitions only.$1,700
Building permit04/27/201204/25/2013N/Aextend north concrete site wall & south concrete curb. extend bicycle parking pad. install new bicycle parking racks embedded into new bicycle parking pad. add concrete ramp from sidewalk to new bicycle pad.$35,000
Plumbing permit04/26/2012N/AVAL BETTI PLUMBINGalter plumbing going to grease trap, install new bar equipment.N/A
Electrical permit04/24/2012N/AMETROPOLITAN ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION55 music concourse drive :: 100 middle drive east :: existing indoor server room and it room in lower third and 4th floor (rm l3c-11, rm b1c-45, b1c-44) :: swap 2 equipment cabinets, add 2 remote radio units and install fiber within leased area.$20,000
Plumbing permit04/13/2012N/ACISCO FIRE SPRINKLERS, INC.add 14 fire sprinklers to temp exhibits.N/A
Building permit04/13/201204/07/2013N/Aadd 14 sprinkler in temp exhibit, to exist sprinkler system.$10,000
Electrical permit04/11/2012N/ASERVICE WEST INC30 stations for modular partitions only.$1,500
Building permit04/09/2012N/AN/Ato erect 1 story, special events building.$50,000
Building permit04/06/2012N/AN/Aadd new address 10 bowling green drive to block 1700 lot 001.N/A
Building permit04/04/2012N/AN/Areplacement of existing exhibit. construct new partion walls and sprinkler system alteration.$110,000
Electrical permit04/03/2012N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESthis is a temporary exhibit installation that will require power and data communication installation.$20,000
Electrical permit03/30/2012N/AMCMILLAN BROS ELECTRIC INCsegway underground power project$35,000
Electrical permit03/26/2012N/ASERVICE WEST INC33 stations for modular partitions only.$1,650
Building permit03/19/2012N/AN/Astreet space permitN/A
Building permit03/16/201203/14/2013RON BRECKENRIDGE ENTRPRSES/RB PETROLEUMreplace fuel piping between dispensing pump & fuel storage tank (in-kind) no concrete cutting required.$3,000
Electrical permit03/15/2012N/AA-1 ELECTRIC CONTRACTING INCwe will install a 100 amp 3 phase panel for evse in two locations. we will install a customer monitered meter in two locations. we will install (2) level 2 evse docks (40 amps 208 volts) and (4) level 1 evse single receptacles 20 amps 120 volts in two locations.$4,900
Building permit03/15/201207/17/2013N/Aremove a section of (e) hi-fog system & re-install to clear hvac ducting being installed. no other changes to the (e) system is to occur.$39,000
Electrical permit03/07/2012N/ASERVICE WEST INC41 stations for modular partitions only.$2,050
Plumbing permit03/05/2012N/ASWINERTON & WALBERG COMPANYsurvey - 1. signage @gray water piping; 2. review recharge chambers that direct roof water into sand dune below the sculpture garden.N/A
Plumbing permit03/02/2012N/AAYOOB & PEERY PLUMBINGwork category: 4pb; relocate fire sprinkler cas bio lab b2 central 12-614 hathaway/ ayoob/N/A
Building permit02/23/201202/16/2013N/Abasement #2-add 1 photo smoke detector$4,409
Plumbing permit02/15/2012N/APRIBUSS ENGINEERING INCwork category: 5p; level b2-furnish and install (1) lab sink with eyewash unit.N/A
Plumbing permit02/13/2012N/ACCSF DPW-BBR STEAMFITTERS/PLUMBERSreplaced old pressure vessel #76023tki with new pressure vessel #99555.N/A
Electrical permit02/09/2012N/ASECURITY ELECTRIC INC1st floor: fire alarm testing - 2 pull station, 6 smoke detectors, 6 horn strobe$0
Building permit02/09/201202/02/2013N/Alevel b2-relocate fire sprinkler heads per tenant improvement. 1 relocate.$700
Building permit02/02/201201/27/2013N/Aconstruction of a new lab space on b2 level. new sink,millwork, and ceiling. 1 new vav zone to serve this area. plumbing, fire sprinkler, electrical under separate permit$66,573
Electrical permit01/18/2012N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESrc&a open office power and data upgrades - additional workstation installation - new electrical branch circuits and data ports will be require.$100,000
Electrical permit01/18/2012N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCEScas b2a bio lab build out. this will require new electrical circuits and relocation of existing. office lighting and switching relocation, emergency lighting installation, relocation of fire alarm speaker strobe, security card control access$100,000
Electrical permit01/18/2012N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESthis is a ozone generator project installation, which will require 120 volt branch circuits, including monitoring and controls intregrated with our animal life safety system.$50,000
Building permit12/06/201103/10/2015N/Amechanical alteration of existing air handler system to redirect exhaust paths of collection spaces. new ducting and exhaust fans to be installed$130,000
Building permit11/14/201111/08/2012N/Aadd, drop fire sprinkler heads per tenant impv. level b1: east (13 add) central lowering branch lines only) west (9 add) level b2: east (9 add) central (12 add) west (13 add) level 1 west (23 add) level 2 east (20 add) west (19 add) level 3 lower existing drops (42 total)$82,000
Plumbing permit11/10/2011N/AAYOOB & PEERY PLUMBINGwork category: 4pb; add & relocate fire sprinklers per tenent improvement b1, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd floors 11-759 california academy of science hathaway dinwiddie ayoob/ leroyN/A
Electrical permit10/13/2011N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESair compressor relocation 1 - 480 volt 40 amp 3 phase circuit, including control and signal wiring$3,000
Electrical permit10/13/2011N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESadded additional branch circuits and outlets @ 120 volt 20 amp, also made alterations to existing fire alarm system horn strobes and additions$1,000,000
Electrical permit10/13/2011N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESrain screen controller system - this will require 2 - 3 pole, 30 amp 208 volt circuits, this will also include control and networking cabling$1,000,000
Building permit10/11/2011N/AN/Astreet spaceN/A
Plumbing permit09/13/2011N/ABRADY AIR CONDITIONING INCwork category: 2m ; 1 water heater flue and 1 furnace flue.N/A
Plumbing permit09/07/2011N/ABRADY AIR CONDITIONING INCwork category: 2m ; 1 boiler flue and 1 water heater flue.N/A
Electrical permit09/01/2011N/ASECURITY ELECTRIC INC1st flr: install 35 lights, 15 switches, 40 receptacles, 4 fans, fa system, 200 amps feeder, 42 circuits$20,000
Building permit08/29/201108/22/2012CALDWELL ROLAND ROOFINGremove & reinstall gutters, replace in kind.$27,980
Building permit08/11/201110/10/2014N/Athe (e) fibric panel operable skylight roof structure over the piazza atrium is to be replaced with a new supporting frame & poly-carbonate covering.$919,441
Electrical permit08/10/2011N/AMORENO TRENCHING LTDadd fiber box to (e) t-mobile equipment lease area.$1,000
Plumbing permit07/26/2011N/AJ D B CONSTRUCTIONnew sanitary sewer and storm drain and domestic water external systems for (e) building.N/A
Building permit07/25/201107/18/2012N/Abasement #1-replace (e) 1 strobe with speaker/strobe, add 1 smoke detector, add 2 control relays for won/sliding door, re-assign (e) relay for curtain door to fan shutdown. all new devices will be connected to (e) fire alarm system as shown on the drawings$6,021
Plumbing permit07/21/2011N/AANDERSON ROWE & BUCKLEY, category: 4pb; provide fire sprinkler tenant improvement at california academy of sciences ar&b # s-11285N/A
Building permit07/20/201107/13/2012N/Aexisting fire sprinkler system, 1 added sprinkler @ 1st floor.$1,000
Electrical permit07/13/2011N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #221541 - cas rainforest elevator lobby portal - provide power and fire alarm interface for new portal and won door.$45,470
Building permit07/11/2011N/AN/Astreet spaceN/A
Plumbing permit07/07/2011N/AGORMAN PIPELINE INCwork category: 1p; installing 4" pipe for rain water leaders on cottage running too and installing percolation sumpN/A
Building permit06/21/201106/14/2012N/Achanges to existing rainforest exit elevator lobby to create airlock. replacment of existing rated door. assembly with articulating rated won door assembly.$80,000
Electrical permit06/15/2011N/ALUTZ ELECTRICnew led lighting (recess low voltage) gift shop: 21 lights, 2 switches, 1 circuit.$10,000
Plumbing permit06/06/2011N/AA M WEST MECHANICAL INC.waste water, gas systemsN/A
Plumbing permit05/03/2011N/ABELLANTI PLUMBING INCwork category: 8p; boiler and hydronic & radiant heating system.N/A
Building permit04/28/201104/27/2012N/Aref to permit #201008068288. revised work:structural work changes.$1
Plumbing permit04/25/2011N/AAYOOB MECHANICAL INCwork category: 1p; rough in and set finish for a bathroomN/A
Electrical permit04/21/2011N/ACORISH ELECTRIC CORPORATIONremodel windmill - approximately (20) light fixtures, (1) switches, (4) receptacles, and (1) subpanel.$0
Electrical permit04/21/2011N/ACORISH ELECTRIC CORPORATIONremodel cottage - approximately (25) light fixtures, (15) switches, (50) receptacles, (4) smoke detectors (120v) and (1) subpanel.$0
Building permit03/30/201103/23/2012N/Anew central station monitored manual & automatic fire alarm system including manual pull stations at exits, partial area smoke detection for exit corridor, laundry, kitchenette, storage & tel data rooms, audible/visual notification throughout.$12,000
Building permit03/21/2011N/AN/Astreet space permitN/A
Electrical permit02/14/2011N/ALUTZ ELECTRICground floor: 14 lights, 1 switch; install low voltage landscape fixtures$8,000
Plumbing permit02/10/2011N/AR C PLUMBINGwork category: 11p; replace two backflow devices.N/A
Electrical permit12/09/2010N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCEScas museum exhibit cases project - this will require the installation of electrical power, lighting - commuincation and signal$10,000
Electrical permit10/19/2010N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESfive wire 60 amp 120/208 three phase power - temporary pin and sleeve device connection point - this is a relocation of the existing connection$5,000
Electrical permit10/19/2010N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESthis permit covers the inspecition of fire alarm devices installed over a period of time specific to other permits pulled which pertain to fire alarm and electrical work. note - paul ortiz witnessed the test on 10/13/10 @ 6:00 a.m.$5,000
Building permit10/04/2010N/AN/Ainterior alteration of ground floor including new flooring, electrical, new energy efficient lighting, replacing (e) sliding doors$120,000
Building permit08/20/201008/19/2011N/Archange out 97 ionization somke detectors part# siga-is located in wet collections rooms with 97 photo electric smoke detectors part #siga-ps. there is no change to the sequence of operations of the f/a system.$3,200
Building permit08/06/201001/04/2014N/Ageneal renovation to bldg. including structural upgrade, ada compliances, toilet rooms & offices remodel parking resurface, sidewalk recontruction/repair, exterior siding & roof overhang repair. (building classified as historic landmark no. 201).$965,000
Electrical permit06/29/2010N/ADELLAMARIA ELECTRIC CO.golden gate park music concourse: new 480v 100a sub-feed for fountain control panel, existing underground conduit, connect pumps & lights. 1-100amp feeder, 1-100amp fountain control panel, 1-75kva transformer, 1 circuit, 20-24v led lights, 3 submersible fountain pumps.$8,000
Building permit04/27/201004/24/2011N/Arelocate strobe and speaker strob. adding 3 speaker strobes. one of the speaker strobes is weather proof. install test and final.$3,423
Building permit04/27/2010N/AN/A(e) greenhouse structure: occupancy load permit, only$1
Electrical permit03/22/2010N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESthe inspected electrical work consists of small to medium electrical branch circuits and additional and relocation of fire alarm horn / strobes$7,500
Electrical permit02/17/2010N/AGARDINI ELECTRIC COwork outside at botanical garden: change electrical panel, install 2 receptacles, 24 circuit panel$5,000
Building permit02/05/201002/21/2014N/Aseismic improvements, ada code upgrades, electrical & hvac upgrades, window replacement & re-roofing$500,000
Building permit02/01/201004/14/2011T L M PETRO LABOR FORCE INCevr phase 2 upgrade- fueling station . evaporative vapor recovery system intallation$20,000
Electrical permit01/05/2010N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESextreme mammals exhibit project - scope of workprovide electrical power & lighting circuits for temporarly exhibit, also provide data cables for computer and a/v equipment.$250,000
Electrical permit01/05/2010N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESaltered states - exhibit scope of workinstall electrical power / light circuits and data for all identified computer and a/v equipment$250,000
Building permit01/05/201012/27/2012N/Ainstallation of new 60 ton chiller and assocaited piping, pumps and new chilled water coil. new system replaces existing cw coil in ahv-10, service the forum. concrete work includes a housekeeping pad for the chiller. all work per plans.$400,000
Electrical permit01/05/2010N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESelectrical scope of work includes installation of circuit breakers, conduit, conductors and controls for a new museum chilled water system: (1) 125amp/3ph/480vac circuit to chiller package.(1) 15amp/3ph/480vac circuit to 3hp motor/pump.(1) 30 amp/3ph/480vac circuit to 7 hp motor/pump.(1) 225 amp-480 vac distribution panel and feeder.$500,000
Building permit12/08/200910/09/2011N/Arehabuilitation of tea house pavilion finishes, new energy efficient lights, move existing door and new window in tea preparation area, no structural, mechanical or plumbing work$75,000
Building permit12/02/200910/02/2010N/Ademolition of grandstand (stables) at golden gate park.$177,000
Building permit11/30/200911/22/2012N/Ainstall 90 ton. chiller unit and chill water piping, connect to existing electrical system panels for aquatic life support tanks.$400,000
Electrical permit11/17/2009N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES90 ton chiller installation project1 - 175amp/3ph/480vac circuit to 90 ton chiller1 - 15amp/3ph/480vac circuit to 3hp motor/pump1 - 60amp/3ph/480vac circuit to 20hp motor/pump$50,000
Building permit09/11/2009N/AN/Aadd one 3303 cabinet in existing equipment room in basement.$2,000
Electrical permit07/13/2009N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCESconduit installation for power/lighing and communication. will require multiple rough-in inspections and final inpection. there are a multiple of these project througout our facility. all have different start times.$50,000
Building permit06/29/200908/26/2010METROPOLITAN ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTIONat&t proposes to add 1-2308 cabinet to existing das system.$5,000
Electrical permit05/19/2009N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.install 1 100a/3p panel, rewire floor box to separate ckts and install (1)200a/3p disconnect.$7,500
Electrical permit04/13/2009N/ASERVICE WEST INC2nd flr: install 13 worstations/cubicles$1,000
Building permit03/30/200903/24/2010SABAH INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATEDfire alarm system 2nd floor area "a" service room & office area , add one speaker/storbe in call center, move one speaker/strobe indside the server room, delete 6 smoke detector next to the server room, move & decrease candela as shown in lab & move speaker/strobe & add one.$7,800
Building permit03/02/200902/24/2010CISCO FIRE SPRINKLERS, INC.add 7 new fire sprinklers and relcoate +/- 10 for new t-bar ceiling's changed or added.$10,000
Plumbing permit03/02/2009N/ACISCO FIRE SPRINKLERS, INC.add 7 fire sprinklers relocate more or less 10 exist fire sprinklersN/A
Electrical permit02/25/2009N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.quarterly permit: rei job #220092 - california academy of sciences w/cci as general contractor.$100,000
Building permit02/25/200902/20/2010CCI COM'L CONSTR & IMPROV**SEE 985808***modification of partition at server room conversion of extg spaces to call center. new file room. new it room. level 2 conversion of extg storage rooms to offices. level 3 west: add 4 new work stations.mep on seperate permit.$100,000
Building permit02/23/200902/17/2010SABAH INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATEDproject is to provide changes for basement 1 areas b, c & d level3 area c locations & additions as shown for the cas in golden gate park sf, ca. f.a. system includes: add 1 siga-cr w/mr101 @ basement 1 area c for door holders at level 3. add 1 siga-cr w/mr101 at basement d, add 3 smoke detectors at$9,200
Electrical permit12/09/2008N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.10 circuits. relocate security doors circuits to generator backed up panel. refeed normal powered panel from generator backed up panel. rei job #255615.N/A
Building permit12/03/200812/05/2009WEBCOR CONSTRUCTION LPtenant improvement work is a conversion of existing rooms into a display room located on ground floor. mechanical, electrical & sprinkler work are under separate permit.$120,000
Building permit11/25/200811/19/2009CISCO FIRE SPRINKLERS, INC.install 7 new fire sprinklers for new ceiling in vault storage area.$4,000
Plumbing permit11/25/2008N/ACISCO FIRE SPRINKLERS, INC.installation of 7 new sprinklers into remodeled ceilings.N/A
Electrical permit10/14/2008N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #220086 - webcor ti work for california academy of science - quarterly permit.N/A
Electrical permit10/14/2008N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #220087 - california academy of sciences - direct miscellaneous t & m work - quarterly permits.N/A
Electrical permit08/20/2008N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #220079 california academy of sciences - direct work - quarterly permit. [scope of work does not include residential electric space heater installation.]N/A
Building permit08/19/200802/18/2009N/Afinal & test alarm system, area d: 4 speaker strobes, 4 strobes, 2 demo speaker strobes. area a: 2 strobes, 2 speaker/strobe, 2 smoke detector. area b: 1 speaker/strobe, 1 strobe, 1 smoke detector, 2 demo speaker/strobe.$9,389
Building permit08/13/200812/12/2008N/Acomplete installation of hood & duct fire suppression system.$3,000
Building permit07/25/200808/28/2009N/Arevision to appl #200403249505 - new garden work w/fencing & small structure for birds.addition (detached structure) no building use code for bird cage for natural science museum.$103,000
Building permit07/24/2008N/AN/Ainstall 1 emergency generator for non- life safety (aquarium only) add 2hr rated wall. electrical & plumbing on separate permit.$300,000
Electrical permit07/02/2008N/AADVANCED INSTALLATION SERVICES INC1st floor: 5 receptacles (modular furniture (5) receptacles)N/A
Building permit06/27/200809/07/2011N/Aaddition of 1 new diesel generator, addition of fuel oil piping from existing fuel oil day tank to new generator. new generator to support aquatic systems, not life safety systems. new non-bearing partitions to separate rooms & exhaust enclosure. new wall/ ac separate permit$379,000
Building permit05/14/200811/13/2008N/Abasement 1, 1st, 2nd, 3rd floors: fire alarm system - test and final- (1) speaker strobe, (5) siga dmp, (1) heat detector, (1) strobe and relocate speaker strobes.$6,500
Building permit05/09/200809/08/2008N/A1st & 3rd floor: fire alarm system - final & test, 3 strobes, 1 speaker/strobe.$4,375
Building permit05/08/200811/07/2008N/A7 speakers, 1 strobe, 2 speaker/strobe, 1 booster powers apply, 4 exiting speaker/strobes. panel test.$8,000
Building permit05/08/200809/07/2008N/Alevel 1-d - 8 speaker/strobes, 7 strobes, 2 heat detectors, 1 monitoring module, 2 strobes, 5 speakers/strobes, 2 heat detectors, 2 smoke detectors, 1 monitoring module, 1 monitoring and relay module, relocate speaker strobes at level 1, area d. basement area d.$1,500
Electrical permit05/07/2008N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #220080 webcor ti work for califoria academy of science - garden work permit. [scope of work does not include residential electric space heater installation.]N/A
Plumbing permit05/02/2008N/ACISCO FIRE SPRINKLERS, INC.1st flor & basement: installation of 37 sprinklers to existing system to cover new ceilings built in mercantile stores.N/A
Building permit05/02/200811/01/2008N/Aadd 37 new fire sprinklers in new ceilings to ex. shell system for new dropped ceiling. amount not exceeding existing upright number.$8,000
Building permit05/01/200806/04/2010N/Aroofing & securing of exteior architectural elements. repair of boaardshell cornice and waterproofing systems of the spreckels temple of music in golden gate park. mep & life safety work under seperate permits.$400,000
Plumbing permit04/28/2008N/AACCO ENGINEERED SYSTEMSwork type: not listed; installation of (8) hose bibs for outside water and new bird of prey exhibitN/A
Building permit04/18/200805/15/2009N/Ainstall moment frame mechanical mezzanine on b1 level, structural only. fire alarm & sprinkler on separate permit, refer rchitecture approved pa# 2007/12/20/1000.$50,000
Building permit04/17/200810/16/2008N/Ati for fire sprinklers for new office and kitchen areas. add 4 sprinkler heads and relocate 12 heads. to be built inside exist bldg shell with exist sprinklers.$8,000
Plumbing permit04/17/2008N/ACISCO FIRE SPRINKLERS, sprinkler t1 piping 4 new heads and 12 relocated. 1" pipe onlyN/A
Electrical permit04/08/2008N/AJALILIE ELECTRIC INC /RIDGEWAY ELECTRIC50 lights, 50 receptacles - suite aN/A
Building permit04/02/200806/23/2010N/A(e) interior spaces to be built out for use as retail. some (e) walls and doors to be removed and/or replaced. mep under seperate permit, 1st time tenant improvement$800,000
Electrical permit03/25/2008N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #220079california academy of sciences - direct work - quarterly permit. [scope of work does not include residential electric space heater installation.]N/A
Electrical permit03/25/2008N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #220080webcor ti work for california academy of sciences - quarterly permit [scope of work does not include residential electric space heater installation.]N/A
Plumbing permit03/05/2008N/ACISCO FIRE SPRINKLERS, INC.tenant improvement. fire sprinkler work. new armovers.N/A
Electrical permit03/04/2008N/ASERVICE WEST INCinstallation of modular systems furniture - location in the tower mezzaninne [scope of work does not include residential electric space heater installation.]N/A
Electrical permit03/04/2008N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.the inspector said to pay for a "witness test. it is during normal work hours. -thursday @ 11:00am.b1c26 data roomfire alarm test of the new pre-action room [scope of work does not include residential electric space heater installation.]N/A
Building permit02/27/200807/28/2009N/Ab1-office addition, stair addition. l1-remodel conference room, kitchen, add stairs. l2 & l3-office remodels. lighting & hvac mechanical under separate permit.$200,000
Building permit02/27/200809/04/2008N/Aadd new fire sprinler pipe to cafe ceilings$20,000
Building permit02/25/200802/27/2009N/Arenovation of 2 ex. interior exhibit spaces on the 1st and 3rd levels of the california academy of science bldg. upgrading ex. hallway to exit corridor for use by 1st floor.$40,000
Electrical permit02/22/2008N/AN/Aunderground existing service for natural areas building at 801 stanyan street, s.f. ca 94117 in golden gate parkN/A
Plumbing permit02/19/2008N/AA GOOD PLUMBER INCconnecting of life support systems for fish & animal tanks @ steinhart aquarium. we will be connecting airlines, freshwater lines, salt water lines & heat exchanger lines from existing building lines to tanks.N/A
Building permit02/14/200806/13/2008N/Aremoval of (1) branch line and (6) sprinklers. install (4) new sidewall heads to match existing adjacent area @ ecc. add (1) new pendent sprinkler head @ naturelist center on ground floor.$2,000
Plumbing permit02/14/2008N/ACISCO FIRE SPRINKLERS, INC.remove 1 b ranch line and install 4 sidewall sprinkler heads.N/A
Plumbing permit02/11/2008N/ANORTHSTAR FIRE PROTECTION INCfire sprinkler system modifications under building permit # 2008 01 07 1989N/A
Plumbing permit02/01/2008N/AVAL BETTI PLUMBINGwork type: not listed; basement and 1st floor. installation of plumbing for new restaurant on both floors. new handicapped restrooms, gas alteration, sewer alteration, water alterationN/A
Building permit01/17/200807/16/2008N/Afinal & test: 1 relay, 2 input module, 1 pull station, 1 photo smk detector, 1 release module$10,000
Building permit01/14/200807/30/2008N/Ainterior demolition of partial floor slab in cafe space for future tenant improvement between f1 and b1.$24,000
Building permit01/07/200808/10/2008N/Amodify existing fire sprinkler system. room lib43, level 1: revise sprinker layout and add hi fog system tied into existing, planetarium, relocate 16 heads to meet consulting engineer details, room bic26: convert to single interlock preaction system (basement level)$21,000
Electrical permit12/27/2007N/ASERVICE WEST INCinstall 39 office cubicles, 156 receptacles.N/A
Electrical permit12/27/2007N/ASERVICE WEST INCcalifornia academy of science, b2: 16- rece[tac;es, install (40) office cubiclesN/A
Electrical permit12/27/2007N/ASERVICE WEST INCinstall 46 office cubicles, 184 receptacles.N/A
Electrical permit12/27/2007N/ASERVICE WEST INCacademy of science, b1: install 89 office cubicles- 356 receptaclesN/A
Electrical permit12/27/2007N/ASERVICE WEST INCacademy of science, 3rd flr: 216 receptacles, install 54 office cubiclesN/A
Building permit12/20/200710/16/2010N/Ati of cafe/ restaurant area on 1st floor and 1st basement level. no exterior work. fire alarm and sprinkler under a separate permit.$1,750,000
Electrical permit12/20/2007N/ACUPERTINO ELECTRIC INC.electrical; cei07-4417 [scope of work does not include residential electric space heater installation.]N/A
Plumbing permit12/19/2007N/ACISCO FIRE SPRINKLERS, INC.inspect new fire sprinklers installed on existing systemN/A
Building permit12/19/200706/18/2008N/Aaddition & relocation of fire sprinklers on lower fl exhibit, 56 new sprinklers, 11 relocates.$22,000
Plumbing permit12/11/2007N/AALLSUP CORPORATIONinspect gas lines, stainless and pe line for final only (ref. 483696)N/A
Electrical permit12/11/2007N/AALLSUP CORPORATIONcompressor, dryer dispenser: front left of entrance to property (to renew expired permit 20060808210 for final only)N/A
Building permit12/11/200704/10/2008N/Arenew app #200603066022 for final inspection$1
Electrical permit12/05/2007N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.ti work - cci b1 water planet at the california academy of sciences [scope of work does not include residential electric space heater installation.]N/A
Electrical permit12/05/2007N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.webcor ti work for california academy of sciences - quarterly permit [scope of work does not include residential electric space heater installation.]N/A
Electrical permit12/05/2007N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.ti work - cci africa hall work [scope of work does not include residential electric space heater installation.]N/A
Electrical permit12/05/2007N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job #220079california academy of sciences - direct work - quarterly permit [scope of work does not include residential electric space heater installation.]N/A
Building permit11/29/200703/28/2008N/Ainstall (8) new fire sprinkler heads @ new eyebrows in existing dioramas.$1,200
Plumbing permit11/29/2007N/ACISCO FIRE SPRINKLERS, INC.install 8 new fire spinkler heads at new eyebrow in extg dioramasN/A
Building permit11/27/200703/26/2008N/Arevision to permit drawing sheet ls0-09 6507d. sequence of operations functional matrix. revision to fire alarm system approved under pa# 2004/03/24/9505-s4.$1
Building permit11/26/200711/25/2008N/At.i. to academy of sciences @ diorama two locations in african hall. mep, fire under separate permit.$50,000
Building permit10/29/200710/29/2009N/Acalifornia academy of sicences b-1 exhibits - non-structural partitions, mechanical & electrical for distribution only$200,000
Electrical permit10/17/2007N/AW. BRADLEY ELECTRICca academy of sciences - 50 concourse drive - +6 openingswbe job# 02-107926 - contact mark yates - 415-559-4160 [scope of work does not include residential electric space heater installation.]N/A
Electrical permit10/16/2007N/ALANCE HUGHSTON140 lights.N/A
Building permit10/04/200702/03/2008N/Aalteration of ex. sprinkler system for addition to south parking garage facility. add 6 sprinkler heads and relocate 3 sprinkler heads.$2,500
Building permit10/02/200704/01/2008N/Arevision to appl#200403249505, install new 10"underground fire line backflow preventor to serve 3 above ground fire hydrants for use on the south side of the cal. academy of sciences on middle drive east in golden gate park.$10,000
Electrical permit09/26/2007N/ALANCE R B HUGHSTON IIportable power distribution: sharon meadows golden gate park (portable power distribution sunday september 30, 2007- comedy day)N/A
Electrical permit08/22/2007N/AN/A100a service in golden gate park at 15th ave and lincolnN/A
Electrical permit08/21/2007N/ADELAO ELECTRIC INCrenew permit e200607319974 final inspection korets children playgroundN/A
Plumbing permit08/21/2007N/AACCO ENGINEERED SYSTEMSinspections of ecademy of science plumbing trim & support systemsN/A
Plumbing permit08/09/2007N/ANORTHSTAR FIRE PROTECTION INCthis pays for inspections related to original permit # 485996 filed 11/14/2006. dow: work type: fire sprinkler; new fire protection system for 5 story buildingN/A
Building permit07/13/200701/12/2008N/Aadditional smoke detectors, heat detector, strobes, relay modules at underground parking structure. expansion of existing fire alarm system.$6,000
Electrical permit06/25/2007N/AINTERMOUNTAIN ELECTRIC COMPANYshading system, install and extend branch circuits wiring for listing recognized lab exterior roller shade systemN/A
Building permit06/07/200712/06/2007N/Ato erect prefabricated temporary bandshell$12,000
Electrical permit06/04/2007N/AKWONG ELECTRIC & ALARMone exit signN/A
Electrical permit05/16/2007N/AMC ELECTRICinstall one x-ray machineN/A
Electrical permit05/15/2007N/AAMAC ELECTRICALtemps 100 amp service for trailer [scope of work does not include residential electric space heater installation.]N/A
Plumbing permit05/11/2007N/AO'BRIEN MECH INC IIinstallation of heating hot water boilers additional inspection feeN/A
Building permit05/07/200711/06/2007UNDECIDEDexibit display wall and ceiling (nonstructural) penguin exhibit. ada under permit #200403249505$10,000
Plumbing permit05/07/2007N/AO'BRIEN MECH INC IIinstallation of heating hot watler boilersN/A
Electrical permit04/12/2007N/AN/Aservey permit only review exterior roller shade mock up for cempliance with sfecN/A
Electrical permit03/13/2007N/AINTERMOUNTAIN ELECTRIC COMPANYsolar photovoltaic systemN/A
Electrical permit03/01/2007N/AN/Aservice location: kezar pavilion; kezar parking lot; natural area. bldg.(former park aide hospital)N/A
Building permit01/02/200707/24/2008UNDECIDEDinstallation of emergency generator only at b2 level. 1500 kw diesel. fuel oile permit approved under 200605091140, original app 200403249505.$50,000
Building permit12/20/200606/02/2010BLOEMENDAL CONSTRUCTION**SEE NOTES***renconstruct tower using historic material, reconstruct gallery, shotcrete concrete base, reconstruct cap,operating mechanism, install new sail stocks. note: this building is a sf landmark #210. certificate of appropriateness (no 2001.0732a) filed 7/24/01 granted 9/15/01.N/A
Building permit11/06/200601/19/2008WEBCOR CONSTRUCTION LPerection and dismantal of tower crane on california academy of sciences, building site, tower crane #2.$15,000
Building permit11/06/200601/19/2008WEBCOR CONSTRUCTION LPerection and dismantal of fixed tower crane on the new cailfornia academy of sciences work site. (tower crane #1).$15,000
Electrical permit09/08/2006N/ALANCE HUGHSTONtemporary power distribution.N/A
Electrical permit08/08/2006N/ARYMAX ELECTRICmaintenance facility for city of sf 3 lights 1 switch & 4 circuits 1 penelN/A
Electrical permit07/31/2006N/ADELAO ELECTRIC INC1 panel. koret children's quarters playground.N/A
Building permit05/09/200611/01/2008WEBCOR CONSTRUCTION LPnew fuel oil system for entire building. emergency generator under separate permit$325,000
Electrical permit03/22/2006N/ACROWN ELECTRIC INCgolden gate parkcalifornia academy of scienceN/A
Electrical permit03/20/2006N/AMORAN LIGHTING & ELECTRIC1 panel. 1 30 amp outdoor disconnect installed for "cram-a-lot" hanc- recycling center.N/A
Building permit03/06/200607/05/2007ALLSUP CORPORATIONinstall a new cng (compressed natural gas) fueling facility, a cng dispenser and an enclosure block (cmu) wall$100,000
Electrical permit02/09/2006N/AEARTH ELECTRICunderground duct bankN/A
Electrical permit01/13/2006N/ATYCO INTEGRATED SECURITYsupervisory system.N/A
Building permit01/13/200605/12/2006TYCO INTEGRATED SECURITYrenew3200506276152 for final inspection.supervisory system temperture devices not fire.$1
Electrical permit12/13/2005N/ABARRI ELECTRIC COMPANYrestroom building on bike path at the corner of masonic & fell - electrical remodelN/A
Electrical permit11/21/2005N/APHOENIX ELECTRIC CO.6 circuits, 1-100 amp load center, 1 lighting panel, 1/0 feeders, 12 pedestrian lights/conduit work/irragation controller. speckle temple basement and gardeners shack.N/A
Building permit11/18/200505/27/2006UNDECIDEDrevision to 200506064288 relocate 16" watermain per sfpuc's request$11,000
Electrical permit10/06/2005N/AN/Anew 400a 480v 3ph ug service for existing pump house near lincoln and 12th aveN/A
Electrical permit10/06/2005N/AN/Aoverhead service inside golden gate park between 42nd and 43rd and lincolnN/A
Electrical permit09/14/2005N/AARROW SIGN COMPANYfour rows of neon lighting in coveN/A
Electrical permit09/12/2005N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.tenant improvement new bldg construction 5000 lights, 30 switches, 1500 receptacles 5300 circuits 175 panels/switchboards - gen 1500 kw light control/dimming/lu[s-80 kua 120 kua mortalize shade controlN/A
Building permit07/25/2005N/AN/Aadditional house number permitN/A
Electrical permit06/27/2005N/ATYCO INTEGRATED SECURITYcontrol panel. install control panel on 1st floor to dial out, connect (e) system to control panel & monitor per nfpa72 remote system monitoring. 1 panel.N/A
Building permit06/27/200510/26/2005TYCO INTEGRATED SECURITYinstall new unimode 5 control panel to dial out, connect (e) vesda panel to new panel to monitoring$2,978
Electrical permit06/27/2005N/ATYCO INTEGRATED SECURITY1 panel. life witness test.N/A
Building permit06/06/200512/05/2005N/Arevision to pa 200301165326s3, extend 16"ain for domestic & fire protection water service.$20,000
Building permit05/19/200502/03/2008WEBCOR CONSTRUCTION LPinstall shoring for excavation, excavate and stock spoils, compact for new building, cut foundation$4,000,000
Electrical permit05/10/2005N/ALANCE HUGHSTONpower distribution for booths. golden gate park, polo fields @ middle drive & 34th avenue. foot stock, bay to breakers. install 5/10/05 to 5/15/05.N/A
Electrical permit04/11/2005N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.lights 32, switches 2, receptacles 3, circuits 10, panels/switchboards 2 (includes lightings control panel).special equipment: lighting control panel (1), dimming panel.location: skyspaceN/A
Electrical permit03/24/2005N/ASERVICE WEST INCinstall 32 modular stations on the first floor (1r)N/A
Electrical permit03/18/2005N/ACUPERTINO ELECTRIC INC.3 panels & 2 feeders. providing 1600 amp 480/277v temp power meter main, 1600 amp 480/277v distribution board for future temp power on site, 224 kva 480-280/120v transformer & 800 amp 208120v distribution board for future job site trailer hook up.N/A
Building permit02/22/200506/21/2005OBRremove existing steamable from app #2005/01/14/3270 replace with existing hotco warm food display$100
Building permit01/07/200506/08/2006COSCO FIRE PROTECTION INCinstallation of new sprinkler system for new automobile parking at golden gate park. this applicati$126,860
Electrical permit10/26/2004N/ALANCE HUGHSTONsharon meadows/golden gate park, sf; generator & power distributionN/A
Building permit10/06/200402/05/2005N/Aremodel of portilo 1 story structure to allow access for new parking garage shoring system.$5,000
Electrical permit09/29/2004N/AN/Anew 200 amp service for the japanese tea gardenN/A
Building permit09/24/200408/25/2006N/Ainstallation of emergency generator with foundation on grade.$100,000
Building permit09/21/200410/11/2005N/Ainstall fire alarm system for new underground parking garage$45,000
Electrical permit08/20/2004N/AROSENDIN ELECTRIC, INC.rei job 220022. lights: 842, switches: 29, receptacles: 25, circuits: 146, panels/switchboards: 11/1, feeders: 34N/A
Building permit07/29/200401/28/2005N/Ainstall 1 automatic hood & duct fire suppression system$5,150
Building permit07/28/200404/19/2007N/Ascope is complete demolition of all calif. academy of sciences buildings on site. north and east**$1,500,000
Building permit06/01/2004N/AN/Ato erect 3 story museum and researchN/A
Building permit05/03/2004N/AN/Aaddress assignment-temporary const trailerN/A
Building permit04/16/200410/15/2004N/Ainstall one vesda smoke dectection system also tie inot building alarm (e)$10,000
Building permit03/24/200411/22/2011N/Aerect museum & research building 3 stories, 2 basements$130,000,000
Electrical permit03/18/2004N/AQUALITY CONSTRUCTION ELECTRIC SERVICEhvac section terminations, 11 unitsN/A
Electrical permit03/16/2004N/ABAY AREA ELITE ELECTRIC DBA: ELITE ELECTinstall 2 outdoor gfis - 2 receptaclesN/A
Electrical permit03/15/2004N/AWONG ELECTRIC INCwheelchair lift power 120 volt. beach chaletN/A
Building permit03/09/200407/08/2004N/Afire suppression at kitchen hood, only$2,500
Building permit03/09/200403/18/2005N/A10" & 8" fire loop supplying sprinkler system & hydrants-sprinklers separate permit.$75,000
Electrical permit03/05/2004N/AFIRE DETECTION UNLIMITEDfire alarm installation. new section in rear of main buildingN/A
Building permit01/23/200410/12/2006N/Ainstallation of fire sprinkler systems w/one (1) fire pump$940,000
Building permit01/09/200404/12/2007N/Acomplete fire/life safety system for museum (de young museum)$500,000
Electrical permit12/10/2003N/APACIFIC COAST SALES & SERVICE INCcontrol work over 10,000 sfN/A
Building permit10/29/200305/17/2004N/Aadding 3 indoor and 2 outdoor horn strobes, one strobe,1 pull stn$7,500
Electrical permit07/22/2003N/ABOCKMON & WOODY ELELCETRIC CO. INC.hvac control for museumN/A
Electrical permit07/17/2003N/AWONG ELECTRIC INCinstall 111 lights, 10 switches, 55 receptacles, 50 circuits, 4 panel/switchboard: new constr. to (e) bldng.N/A
Electrical permit07/09/2003N/AKING C ELECTRIC INC ** SEE NOTES **install 100a 220 v service;1950 oak st (talked to david green abt using 1750 oak st)N/A
Electrical permit07/09/2003N/AKING C ELECTRIC INC ** SEE NOTES **100a 220v service; 1460 oak st (inside panhandle) talked to david green about using 1750 oak st.N/A
Electrical permit07/02/2003N/AKING C ELECTRIC INC ** SEE NOTES **32 feeders, replace 3 each 100 amp, electrical service. address inside the penthouse between baker st & stanyan st.N/A
Building permit06/26/200303/17/2004N/Amodify existing fire spkr. system$9,850
Building permit06/05/200302/09/2004N/Aprovide mech/elec/plumb. per plan, cost of work included w/appl#200303129435$1
Building permit06/04/200309/14/2005N/Aerect a pump station-type three structure$750,000
Building permit06/04/200309/14/2005N/Aerect a pump station-type 3 bldg$750,000
Electrical permit04/16/2003N/ACALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCEScalifornia academy of science quarterly jan-marchN/A
Building permit03/12/200312/04/2005N/Aaddition of 3,100 of deck with enclosed kitchen and service facilities at rear of (e) building$1,300,000
Electrical permit02/28/2003N/ACUPERTINO ELECTRIC INC.electrical inspections for new installation.N/A
Electrical permit02/10/2003N/ABASS ELECTRIC1- 100amp, 3 #2 conductors. (golden gate park jfk drive 41st ave)N/A
Electrical permit02/10/2003N/ABASS ELECTRIC1-100amp 3 #2 conductors;golden park jfk drive 9th avN/A
Electrical permit01/28/2003N/ATHUNDER ELECTRIC INC.installation underground conduit to existing pump stationN/A
Electrical permit01/27/2003N/ACUPERTINO ELECTRIC INC.catii 6 + opening for tem power de young museumN/A
Building permit01/16/200312/14/2009N/A2 stories of underground parking space$35,000,000
Building permit01/14/200308/12/2003N/Ademolish 2-story museumN/A
Electrical permit01/06/2003N/ABASS ELECTRICirrigation controller service connection, 100 ampsN/A
Electrical permit12/31/2002N/ATHUNDER ELECTRIC temporary service-pole, weatherhead and panel for construction trailers (gc:ncci) at 43rd and fulton streets in golden gate park (temporary power)N/A
Building permit12/19/200205/01/2003N/Arun new sprinkler supply to new employ restrooms and install 9 sprinkler head per app #200210048234$5,000
Electrical permit07/17/2003N/AN/Achange servic feeder and serrvice pole due to tree limb knock down/city job was ok to be issued per carolynn tusch and paul ortis e.i.d.N/A
Building permit10/04/200204/07/2003N/Ainstall (n) sprinkler sys at new head house in basement & ground floor only per approved plan.$25,000
Building permit08/19/2002N/AN/Aaddress assignment-temp const. trailerN/A
Building permit04/08/200210/07/2002N/Areplace fire damage devices, six horn strobes on 1/fl., add 1 4-point integrated transmitter in bsmt$7,500
Building permit04/05/200208/14/2002N/Avoluntary sprinkler monitoring panel using listed fire burglary panel$4,500
Building permit03/22/2002N/AN/Aaddress assignment-construction trailerN/A
Building permit02/20/200203/12/2004N/Arefurbish hall from fire damage to include gypsum bd over concrte,ceiling grid for ltng, repair flr$850,000
Building permit02/15/2002N/AN/Ademolition permit no 200109128143-& constructn of bldng to be amended due to relocation of restroom$1
Building permit02/14/200210/16/2002N/Ainstall an awning at storage entrance of asian art museum$13,000
Building permit02/08/200206/07/2002N/Arevision 200108095685 omit refireproofing, fireproof room 65 and 66 only$1
Building permit01/03/200208/10/2002N/Ainstall fire sprinkler system;install science hall (72 hds)$14,000
Building permit12/11/200104/10/2002N/Arevision to 200111092789: sprinklers a temp. awning$1
Building permit11/09/200111/08/2002N/Aconstruct temporary loading dock and canopy at asian art museum bldg not to be occupied by other tha$60,000
Building permit09/12/200103/12/2002N/Ademolish 1 story restroomN/A
Building permit09/06/200103/26/2002N/Ademolish one story storage garageN/A
Building permit09/06/200103/26/2002N/Ademolish of one stories of storageN/A
Building permit09/06/200103/26/2002N/Ademolish one story storageN/A
Building permit08/31/200102/26/2002N/Ademolish one story restrmN/A
Building permit08/29/2001N/AN/Ato demolish restroomN/A
Building permit08/15/200106/17/2003N/Adome of windmillmust be removed for repair.also see attached site photos. dome/mechanics restored$146,000
Building permit08/09/200112/03/2003N/Are-roofing, refireproofing and waterproofing of the county fair buildingN/A
Building permit06/29/200108/05/2002N/Ato demolish a museumN/A
Building permit06/15/200112/14/2001N/Agrd flr, beach chalet boiler room expansion, the project involves the expansion of the boiler room i$20,000
Building permit04/13/200102/13/2004N/Aerect a one story community center$980,000
Building permit04/02/200108/07/2003N/Aerect a one story restroom facilityN/A
Building permit01/31/200109/19/2003N/Ato erect one story restroomN/A
Building permit01/31/200108/16/2002N/Ato erect restrooms (1 storey)$211,100
Building permit01/31/200105/28/2003N/Aerect restrooms - 1 story bldg at golden gate parkN/A
Building permit01/30/200109/18/2003N/Aroofing/door and signage, electrical and lighting,fire and security alarmN/A
Building permit12/18/200002/06/2008N/Ato erect 2 story museum & 9 story tower$92,000,000
Building permit10/07/199910/18/2000N/Aconstruct agricultural - greenhouse$65,000
Building permit08/13/199908/30/2000N/Aone-stop,replace wood retain'g wall w/reinforced,conc wall$60,000
Building permit06/29/199905/31/2002N/Aprototype & testing phase for site improvements$1,200,000
Building permit06/25/199906/20/2002N/Ato erect pump station$2,856,000
Building permit02/04/199903/03/2000N/Areplace 4 existing hvac units with 4 new units$175,000
Building permit01/26/199905/25/1999N/Aexcavation & removal of 12000 gal underground storage tank$3,000
Building permit09/18/199803/17/1999BAY PACIFIC PIPELINES INCgrading$10,000
Building permit04/07/199809/03/1999N/Aremove one underground storage tank/install one 6,000 gal tk$214,850
Building permit02/13/199805/27/2000N/Aunderground drainage svmp$700,000
Building permit11/13/199705/13/1998N/Areroofing$7,400
Building permit10/30/199704/29/1998N/Areplace/repair stable barns tie downspouts into exist sewer$7,160
Building permit10/01/199701/31/1998N/Arevision to application 9711256$1
Building permit09/05/199710/07/1998N/A3 new arch. wall in holtfeld hall. mech. & elec. systems/thr$27,000
Building permit07/01/199704/15/1998N/Amake restroom handicap assessible-big rec rest room$18,000
Building permit07/01/199704/15/1998N/Amake restroom handicap assessible-polo field south$24,900
Building permit07/01/199704/15/1998N/Amake restroom handicap assessible-music concourse$19,700
Building permit07/01/199704/15/1998N/Amake restroom handicap assessible-children's playground$21,000
Building permit07/01/199704/15/1998N/Amake restroom handicap assessible-angler's lodge$24,200
Building permit07/01/199710/15/1998N/Amake restroom handicap assessible$27,000
Building permit07/01/199704/15/1998N/Amake restroom handicap assessible-model boathouse$17,949
Building permit07/01/199704/15/1998N/Amake restroom handicap assessible-polo field north$24,900
Building permit07/01/199710/15/1998N/Amake restroom handicap assessible-chain of lakes w dr$43,000
Building permit07/01/199704/15/1998N/Amake restroom handicap assessible-mother's meadow$24,000
Building permit07/01/199704/15/1998N/Amake restroom handicap assessible-sharon bldg-off bowling gr$11,000
Building permit06/19/199707/21/1998N/A850 gross sqft theater w/o fixed seats/enclos w/ceiling/2 ex$33,300
Building permit04/24/1997N/AN/Apermit #9509600/project completed need historical exception$1
Building permit04/14/199705/22/1999N/Ainterior remodel to african annex,new el panel & elec work$304,228
Building permit03/14/199706/29/1998N/Aremove and replace balcony balustrade & banister curbs$100,000
Building permit03/13/199703/12/1998N/Aremove interior finishes partitions & diorama shells$44,200
Building permit02/10/1997N/AN/Aerect a non-electric sign$5,800
Building permit12/05/199604/04/1997N/Ahook-up existing ansul system & test$1,000
Building permit10/25/199602/24/1997N/Arelocate & add fire sprinkler heads @ti 2nd flr$3,575
Building permit10/25/199604/24/1997N/Arelocate & add fire sprinkler heads @ti on 1st flr$8,950
Building permit10/17/199604/16/1997N/Ashoring and excavation for new underground fuel tanks$12,000
Building permit10/16/199604/15/1997N/Afire alarm system$10,225
Building permit10/04/199611/18/1997N/Areplacement of rooftop equipment (hvac)$250,000
Building permit09/27/199601/26/1997N/Arebuild (e) plywood panel partitions ebtween stalls$3,800
Building permit05/24/199605/23/1997N/Abuild horseback riding arena-speedway meadows extension$38,000
Building permit05/15/199608/20/1998N/Awork done on 1st floor incl addtn boiler & foundatn pad$495,000
Building permit02/08/199608/20/1996N/Ademolition of treatment plantN/A
Building permit02/08/199608/20/1996N/Ademolition of treatment plantN/A
Building permit02/08/199608/20/1996N/Ademolition of treatment plantN/A
Building permit02/08/199608/20/1996N/Ademolition of treatment plantN/A
Building permit02/08/199609/01/1996N/Ademolition of treatment plantN/A
Building permit02/01/199607/17/1998N/Aremove 1 2,000 gal one 1000 gal 2 500 gal underground gasoln$328,000
Building permit08/16/199512/15/1995N/Afire alarm system only$1,500
Building permit07/12/199511/11/1995N/Arevision to 9508669$1
Building permit07/07/199511/06/1995N/Afire alarm system only$5,000
Building permit06/22/199501/02/1998N/Arenovate /general construction, fire protection,plumb, elect$900,000
Building permit06/08/199507/11/1996N/Ademo prt wlls-new wlls,dr hndl,wndw,minr elec,carpet,accessb$36,965
Building permit06/08/199510/07/1995N/Afor final inspection only pa #9401105.$1
Building permit06/08/199510/07/1995N/Afor final inspection only pa #9401104.$1
Building permit06/02/199506/22/1996N/Ahandicapped restrooms-gg park model boathouse restroom$35,000
Building permit06/02/199507/04/1996N/Ahandicapped restrooms-gg park stanyan restroom$35,000
Building permit06/02/199506/22/1996N/Ahandicapped restrooms-gg park music concourse restroom$35,000
Building permit06/02/199506/22/1996N/Ahandicapped restrooms-gg park polo field south restroom$35,000
Building permit06/02/199506/22/1996N/Ahandicapped restrooms-gg park polo field north restroom$35,000
Building permit06/02/199506/22/1996N/Ahandicapped restrooms-gg park soccer field restroom$35,000
Building permit06/02/199506/22/1996N/Ahandicapped restrooms-gg park rose garden restroom$35,000
Building permit06/02/199506/22/1997N/Ahandicapped restrooms-gg park big rec restroom$350,000
Building permit06/02/199506/22/1996N/Ahandicapped restrooms-gg park children's playground restroom$35,000
Building permit06/02/199506/22/1996N/Ahandicapped restrooms-gg park speedway meadow restroom$35,000
Building permit03/20/199507/19/1995N/Arebuild wood frame partitions bet stalls/install pigeon-proo$4,000
Building permit01/27/199501/26/1996N/Aadd gypboard over (e)framing,paint,add elec.outlets(9313451)$30,000
Building permit12/22/199403/28/1996N/Aremodel toilet rooms, tank repair and maintenance$300,000
Building permit12/15/199404/14/1995N/Arepl wood partitions bet. stalls, install wiremesh pidgeon$4,000
Building permit11/08/199405/07/1995N/Areplace wood partition bet. stalls, install pigeon proofing$6,000
Building permit10/28/199402/27/1995N/Ainstall hood & duct fire system in exist. hood$1,450
Building permit05/16/1994N/AN/Arelocate rooftop air handler associated ductwork$130,000
Building permit03/29/199403/28/1995N/Afurnish & install display case (disabled bathrm upgraded)$30,000
Building permit01/21/199405/20/1994N/Asfpd horse stables - replace wood partitions pigion proofing$4,000
Building permit01/21/199407/20/1994N/Asfpd horse stables - replace wood partitions pigion proofing$6,000
Building permit01/21/199407/20/1994N/Areplace wood partition bet. stalls. install pigeon proofing$6,000
Building permit01/21/199405/20/1994N/Areplace wood partition bet. stalls. replace light switches$4,000
Building permit11/19/199311/29/1996N/Ademo,inter portions-seismic upgrade-new finsh,plmg,mech,elec$1,200,000
Building permit11/19/199305/30/1996N/Ademo,upgrade exist mech,elect,plmg-sf police station/stables$330,000
Building permit11/17/199307/10/1995N/Aerect a temporary police station$45,000
Building permit10/07/199311/11/1994N/Ahorizontal addition.$40,000
Building permit08/13/199303/09/1996N/Atemporary seismic repair including 14 exterior braces$1,200,000
Building permit06/08/199312/27/1993N/Arelocate main supply/add head 1st fl/replace fire hose cab$6,000
Building permit01/12/199307/28/1993N/Aretrofit sprinklers into existing log cabin dpw job#4802-a$6,000
Building permit12/08/199206/24/1995N/Afire alarm system upgrade$400,000
Building permit10/30/199209/24/1995N/Aeq repair seismic strengthen, disabled access improvement$2,000,000
Building permit10/29/199208/11/1995N/Aseismic upgrade & renovations. install elevator. elec & mech$1,400,000
Building permit05/07/199211/16/1993N/Apatching of aquarium ceiling and structural repairs$128,900
Building permit04/22/199206/21/1993N/Ainstallation of sway braces and compression struts$70,000
Building permit03/24/199208/13/1992N/Aexpress p/c repl exist hoist support$5,000
Building permit10/17/199101/31/1995N/Anew kitchen, toilet rooms, storage-pioneer log cabin$356,000
Building permit08/16/1991N/AN/Ademo, partitions, paint, carpet, electric light.$28,000
Building permit06/27/199108/27/1993N/Arestoration of exterior sandstone, new drains in porch area.$382,000
Building permit04/25/199111/23/1991N/Ainstall automatic fire sprinkler system to (e) system$25,000
Building permit11/15/199005/30/1991N/Ainstall automatic fire sprinkler system to (e) system$15,000
Building permit09/18/199004/04/1991N/Aasbestos removal - pipe lagging$20,000
Building permit09/26/198902/22/1990N/Achange (e) sprinkler system to conform with new ceiling$1,000
Building permit06/06/198907/19/1990N/Atenant improvement.$150,000
Building permit04/10/198912/20/1989N/Ainstall new auto fire sprklr system thru police stables$13,220
Building permit10/14/198810/13/1989N/Asand and finish hardwood floors$50,000
Building permit06/17/198801/27/1989N/Aisntall a complete auto fire sprklr system$12,701