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Why you need Local Insights after a Hack

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Monitoring your credit
is not enough
Criminals can electronically transfer ownership of your home with only a few pieces of information, and it will never show on a credit monitoring tool.
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More than half of all Americans have
had their private information exposed
If your information is breached, Local Insights monitors and resolves any fraudulent documents before they become a problem
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Home theft can happen for many
years after the initial data breach
Once your information is exposed, criminals can use that data at anytime to forge ownership of your property.

Threats we detect

Deed fraud

It's never been easier to fraudulently record ownership documents on a strangers property. Documents can be recorded electronically in as little as 15 minutes.



Clerical errors

It's easy for a clerk to input the wrong address when recording documents. Unfortunately, this can lead to an imperfect title costing time, money, and street to correct.



Mortgage fraud

With some basic details about the owner, fraudulently recorded mortgages are easy to execute and difficult to detect. They can wreck your credit and cause long term problems.

Unknown liens and taxes

A bad mailing address can result in unknown liens or other harmful documents. This can cause financial hardship or loss of home.

Unknown Events

Unknown Events

Why you need to protect your home from these threats

Title insurance won't help

Title insurance covers events that happened in the past. These big corporations don't protect againt future events, so if someone recorded a deed after your bought your home, you're left to deal with it yourself.

The government doesn't do verification

The governments sole job is to accept and add new documents to the official ledger. They do not verify authenticty, ownership, or identification.

Unknown records can cost you your home

Unknown documents can complicate your ability to refinance or sell your home, and the longer these problems go unnoticed, the worse the financial consequences.

How Local Insights protects your home

Trusted for a reason

I started using Local Insights when my county recorded the title of my condo to a stranger. To make matters worse, the county asked me to get this stranger to sign an official document saying he no longer owned my property!

Greg R

I was shocked to learn of liens recorded by the Department of Public Health. I always paid my bills and was never notified of any problems. These liens accrued thousands in interest, which never would have happened if I were alerted.

Jennifer L

I was renovating my home when Local Insights alerted me that my contractor recorded some documents on my property. Without these documents, I would have face serious fines from the city. I would have had no way to verify their existence without Local Insights.

Alan B

Protect Now

Protect yourself now

Title insurance doesn't protect against problems after you buy your home. You may be exposed.

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